Josh and Carlie Pitka – May 25th, 2013




Josh and Carlie marked our first wedding of  the 2013 season.

I can’t even explain to you how honoured I was to be able to spend the whole day with my dear friend Carlie as she made this transition from single woman of God into wife lead by the spirit. It was such a blessing. If you follow my blog at all, you’ll remember Josh and Carlie’s engagement photos from the fall where I talked about how I’d known Carlie for years. If you would have told me way back when we were 13 and 12 years old that I’d be photographing her wedding 10 years from then , I would have thought you were crazy. I have loved being able to see where life has taken us, it just makes me more and more excited for whats to come.


Josh and Carlie – You two were absolutely wonderful to work with. Thank you for including me in your day. Here are a few of our favourite shots (although every shot is fantastic when you have a couple this photogenic, my word!)


Thanks to the super awesome Adaleah Webster for second shooting with me! You were awesome!

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Brenna Reilly


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Baby A


Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE photographing newborns? Oh my lanta! How could I possibly dislike my job when my subjects are this adorable?!

Today in the studio we had little baby Addisyn Lynn – 4 days new!

I’ve known Cody and Katie for a while now, actually, I was informed by Cody this morning that we even went to JK together, so I guess we’ve really known each other for a while! haha. They came to me about doing newborn photos for them right shortly after they discovered they were expecting! I had previously photographed Katie’s nephew Jax’s newborn photos and of course I was more than excited to be included in this family once again!

I was so excited about having a baby girl in the studio. And Addisyn was the perfect little model (not to mention so were mom and dad!). I love, love, love the moments of peace between a baby and her parents – so mesmerizing!

Here are some of our favourite shots!

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B. Reilly Photography

Assistant : The beautiful and ever patient Cara Reilly

Balloons: Bev at The Party Place!


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Little Adventure

As some of you may know, I’ve been down ill for the last couple of weeks. Mono got me. It’s a mean virus let me tell you. My triumphs in the last couple of weeks have been small but mighty. This little adventure is one of them.

This past friday, my sister Cara and I finally ventured out into the fresh air. After being cooped up for two weeks, my creativity needed to get out. Cara is the type of person who has so much energy you can’t help but to feed off of it. We were the perfect match.

Here is the outcome of our little photo adventure. I even handed the camera to Cara for one of the first times ever. She’s quite the little photographer her self I might add. So proud.

Ps. Both of the scarves that Cara is wearing were made by my wonderful and talented sister Erin Johns. You can order one by emailing her at



blogcara1 blogcara2 blogcara3 blogcara4 blogtogetherblogbrenna1

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Baby K

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Baby K for the second time! Its so cool to be able to photograph him as he’s growing! Not only that, but Troy and Kathleen are a very special couple to me! They were my first couple that I had photographed their wedding to have a baby.

To check out their wedding Photoblog:

To check out Baby K’s Newborn Session:

Onto the PhotoBlog!

Cara and I had such a blast with this little guy and his family last weekend! He is such a character! He just kept us laughing and on our toes!

Here are a few of our favourites!





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Brent and Tara’s E-Session

Happy New Year to all!

I believe that this is our first post of 2013! How exciting! I hope that you all had a wonderful, wonderful holiday season! I’d like to thank everyone who made 2012 a great success for us! We were able to move into a location that provides us with an ideal natural light studio space – which is super exciting! We are now working out of Petrolia, Ontario but still travel around for weddings and sessions! 

Onto our photoblog!

I met Brent and Tara back in September of 2012 when they booked me through their wonderful wedding planner Gina Robbins (Simply Charming, 519-491-8909).

Brent and Tara are so go with the flow that it makes my job easy! They are an absolute joy to be around and a photographers dream to work with! Can’t wait to be part of your special day this coming September!

2013 Summer is almost booked full of weddings! Only a couple more weekends are available! If you would like inquire about our wedding photography, or just photography sessions in general  – email Brenna at!



Brenna Reilly



Email: info@breillyphotography

Phone: 519-490-8559

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Colin and Jennifer – September 29th, 2012

This is our final wedding post of the season. Makes me a little sad, but super excited for next summer as our wedding spots are filling up mighty fast!

Colin and Jenn were married on the beautiful September 29th.  Sunshine + warm + wedding = the perfect day. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Colin and Jenn throughout the past year, from the engagement session last September right up till now! Amazing couple – and I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of their day!

Many thanks to my dear friend and favourite photographer Amanda Arch for second shooting with me on this wedding, and just for being awesome!

Here are some of our favourite images!




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Josh and Carlie

I fear that I may be getting worse at photoblogging as the weeks keep whizzing past me!

Last week I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Josh and Carlie during their engagement session! They were totally willing to take advantage of the beautiful fall colours despite the chilling temperature!

I’ve known Carlie for quite some time now – 13 years if I am doing my math correctly! We met at the ripe young ages of 8 and 9. It’s so cool to be able to grow up beside her, witnessing her turning into the woman that God built her to be – amazing and strong hearted. And what a journey for her and Josh to be on!

This is just the beginning to the rest of your lives together! Can’t wait to photograph your special day this coming year! And I am so excited that you’ve chosen me to be part of this adventure!

Here are a few of my favourites from our session together! A huge thank you goes out to the beautiful Brianna Kita – photographer apprentice extraordinaire! You’re so fun to be around and I love being able to see your creativity and passion for photography grow!




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B. Reilly Photography

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