Welcome Baby Jaxon!

Today, some very special people let me take over their house to photograph this precious little boy ♥

Jaxon was born early Saturday morning, much to all of our surprises when he showed up promptly two weeks early. He already has his whole family wrapped around his little, teeny, tiny finger. 

Ashely and I had been talking about these photos for months leading up to Jaxon’s arrival! Ashley is a very dear friend of mine who has had a tremendous impact on my life since she entered into it. I just enjoy being around her, she’s wonderful. And it turns out that her and Jay make just as wonderful babies. 

Welcome to the world Jaxon, you are loved by many.

My prayers and congratulations go out to the Lockery and Robbins families! May you thoroughly enjoy this special time!

Below are a few of my favourites ♥




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