One More Day

Wow! What an adventure this week has been! Total rejuvenation for mind and spirit! I have been blessed in so many different ways its unbelievable – from the people I’ve known for years and from those who I’ve just met! I love Alberta. The scenery is amazing. I was totally blessed by a couple who were able to offer me their loft above their garage to stay in the for first part of the week – which was right near gull lake and absolutely beautiful!

Here is a look at Gull Lake at last night’s sunset! This is why I love it here.

And – BIG NEWS! I saw my first deer! First two deer to be exact! There I was just cruising down a back road when I came to the top of a hill. I looked in my rear view mirror and thought to myself – wow, what gorgeous landscape! So I pulled over to the side of the road, grabbed my camera and started snapping shots – when I saw these little ears  pop out of the field! And then two more little ears! They were so peaceful, until I moved. Then they started running! But I’m glad they did otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten this shot here!

But for those of you who know me…you know that Gull Lake isn’t the only reason I keep coming back. The mountains. Every time I see them is like the first time all over again. I just end up standing there in awe and wonder at this marvelous creation that we are able to call home. They constantly remind and challenge me of my place in this world – knowing that we are small yet important pieces of a greater cause. I’m not to sure how someone could view the mountains and not be humbled to be quite honest…

Justin and Courtney are two people who I have a million thank yous to say to. They have given me the opportunity to come out here and have me be involved in their wedding. What a great feeling that is. Not only did they invite me to be part of their day, but they also let me drag them hours into the mountains – just to take a few shots.

I love seeing these two together – they work so well. They are always filling in each other differences in so many ways, its so cool to watch! I love the time that I get to spend with Justin, Courtney and their families. They have invited me into their homes, fed me, given me a bed to sleep in and made me feel so welcome! I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with this weekend!

Onto the photos – how could any photo seriously turn out bad with the mountains as our backdrop?!

These are a couple of our favourites! Can’t wait until their wedding on Saturday!

Thanks for Courtney and Amber for helping me with the tedious work of deciding what photos make it to the blog!



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