Josh and Carlie

I fear that I may be getting worse at photoblogging as the weeks keep whizzing past me!

Last week I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Josh and Carlie during their engagement session! They were totally willing to take advantage of the beautiful fall colours despite the chilling temperature!

I’ve known Carlie for quite some time now – 13 years if I am doing my math correctly! We met at the ripe young ages of 8 and 9. It’s so cool to be able to grow up beside her, witnessing her turning into the woman that God built her to be – amazing and strong hearted. And what a journey for her and Josh to be on!

This is just the beginning to the rest of your lives together! Can’t wait to photograph your special day this coming year! And I am so excited that you’ve chosen me to be part of this adventure!

Here are a few of my favourites from our session together! A huge thank you goes out to the beautiful Brianna Kita – photographer apprentice extraordinaire! You’re so fun to be around and I love being able to see your creativity and passion for photography grow!




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3 thoughts on “Josh and Carlie

  1. Beautiful, and innovative photography….you can tell you put lots of thought and imagination into your shots….you capture emotion so well….love aunt Lou…love following your work

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