Baby A


Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE photographing newborns? Oh my lanta! How could I possibly dislike my job when my subjects are this adorable?!

Today in the studio we had little baby Addisyn Lynn – 4 days new!

I’ve known Cody and Katie for a while now, actually, I was informed by Cody this morning that we even went to JK together, so I guess we’ve really known each other for a while! haha. They came to me about doing newborn photos for them right shortly after they discovered they were expecting! I had previously photographed Katie’s nephew Jax’s newborn photos and of course I was more than excited to be included in this family once again!

I was so excited about having a baby girl in the studio. And Addisyn was the perfect little model (not to mention so were mom and dad!). I love, love, love the moments of peace between a baby and her parents – so mesmerizing!

Here are some of our favourite shots!

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B. Reilly Photography

Assistant : The beautiful and ever patient Cara Reilly

Balloons: Bev at The Party Place!


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